Test Cellular, VoIP, & Satellite phones for voice delays:
The free Voice Latency Test can be used to determine the amount of latency on a given telephone connection. Cellular, Voice-over-IP, Satellite and other phones can be tested to see how much audio delay, if any, is introduced by the given telephony service which they subscribe to.

To utilize the Voice Latency Test Service, please call +1 (802) 359-9100, and follow the recorded instructions; the latency test will echo back whatever is said as soon as audio is detected, allowing the caller to determine the degree of latency by how long it takes to hear what was said repeated by the test service.

More detailed information on telephone voice latency is available on the WirelessNotes Audio/Voice Latency page, and also, more briefly, on the WirelessNotes main page.

As with all Interpage free fax/test services, information obtained in the test reception and retransmission process is not used for marketing purposes, sold, or used in any way other than in furtherance of the completion of the fax reception test; please consult the Interpage Privacy page for details.

Voice Latency Test Instructions:

Other than calling a latency-free telephone number (such as a copper-based landline) and listening for the delay from the given phone to be tested, determining latency can be difficult since it can be unclear as to which phone line (if not both) is introducing the preponderance of the audio delay. The latency test will replay voice input immediately, allowing the calling party to hear for him or herself the degree of delay introduced by the given connection.

  • Dial 1 (802) 359-9100
  • Wait for the prompts and brief introductory messages
  • After the tone, and voice or audio will be immediately replayed
  • The delay which is heared is a measure of the latency to and from the calling phone to the latency test service
  • When you are done, hang up or press # to complete the test.

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  • Last modified: 09/15/2018