Last modified: 03/25/2020
Interpage Voicemail, OutVoice, and Voice Services Free Demonstration
Interpage OutVoice, Voicemail, and Voice Services Test
The Interpage Free Voice Test Service serves to demonstrate the voice delivery and notification options of the OutVoice Verbal Alert and Notification and the Interpage Voicemail Box services.

The Voice Test Service allows callers to leave a brief voicemail, and when done, the service will call back at the calling number and play back the received message. Callers to the free test service can then listen any distortions, drops, or other audio or service difficulties, from a vairety of phones and calling numbers, so as to determine the potential cause of any problems.

To utilize/test the service(s), callers should dial (510) 315-1211, and follow the prompts to leave a message with the Voice Test Service. Within a few moments, the OutVoice/Voicemail Service will call back and replay the deposited message.

If you are calling from a US-based cell phone, a short text message will also be sent to confirm receipt of your message.

As with all Interpage Free and other Test Services, Interpage will not call, message, or in any way attempt to contact you, nor will your telephone number or any other information be sold to outside entities or used to for marketing purposes. Please consult the Interpage Privacy Policy page for details.

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