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Interpage's personal messaging gateway provides a single point of contact for messaging content, which can then be sent to one or more destination devices, such as cellphones, SMS mobiles or devices, alpha/numeric pagers, fax machines, and landline telephones.

(For information on Interpage's enterprise mobile messaging gateway, which provides for large-scale integration between web sites and servers to pagers, cellphones, SMS/MMS messaging, scripted dial pagers, and other end devices, please review the Enterprise Messaging Gateway page.)

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Interpage Small Business and Personal Messaging and Paging Gateway takes e-mails and sends them to cellphones, alpha/numeric or numeric-only pagers, fax, voice and other email destinations, with scheduling by time/day and filtering by content, sender, recpient, or codeword.

Interpage's Personal Messaging/Paging Gateway provides for the integration between most messaging devices and Internet-based equipment to individual customers and for small-business applications.

Most Personal Gateway plans are focused on facilitating instant notification of incoming communications from a wide spectrum of media and presenting them to the customer in a manner of their choosing.

For example, although most US/Canadian cellular carriers offer customers e-mail gatewaying of incoming messages, customers may not wish to divluge their mobile phone numbers in the process and/or may want to control when and from whom messages will be presented on their phone(s).

Alternately, some customers may wish to have multiple cellular phones, pagers, and other messaging devices notified when an e-mail arrives, and/or to schedule which devices will be active at a given time (such as for a given "on call" staff person). The Interpage Personal Messaging gateway allows for the scheduling and filtering of e-mail messages so that only the messages which are desired will appear on a given cellphone, pager, or other messaging device.

Some customers may wish to continue to use their existing e-mail addresses and not give out a new "Interpage" e-mail address; the Personal Paging Gateway allows for this with automated POP/IMAP retrieval of messages which can then be disseminated to various messaging devices without affecting how the customer receives incoming mail on their laptop/desktop machine(s). The Interpage Personal Messaging service, with its scheduling, filtering and prioritization of incoming messages, as well as it's ability to retrieve/"poll" messages from a number of remote sources and the anonymity it offers provides a valuable and indispensable tool in managing your electronic messaging content for personal use and/or small-business applications.

Personal Messaging Gateway Service Plans

The following links provide details on the various Personal/Small Business messaging gateway plans, as well as associated/ancillary services related to the gateway product:


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